Membership Terms and Conditions

Thank You for your Membership and Support

NEA Membership Terms and Considerations
1. Bookings: Members may only access the facility with a booking. Bookings may be made through the Booking Agent. Bookings may be cancelled with 24 hours notice except in the case of inclement weather. Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will result in 50% of the cost of booked time. Members
are responsible for payment of all booked times unless cancelled as previously noted.

2. Precedence of Events: Event bookings take priority over use by Individuals.

3. Payment: Clubs and Individuals who use the facility regularly may submit payment monthly by e-transfer to or make cheques payable to NEA (mail to: NEA c/o Laura Kandall, Box 99, Lantzville, BC V0R2H0) We are a volunteer-run organization. Please remember to remit your hours and payment every month. Failure to remit may result in loss of privileges.

4. Safety: Members must use all reasonable effort to ensure their own safety and that of others, including the general public, other users, their horses, and the facility. NO UNSUPERVISED JUMPING. No riding alone.

5. Helmets: EVERYONE must wear an approved Helmet when riding, driving, or handling a horse from the ground.

6. Guests: Members are responsible for the guests they bring to the facility. Guests may not ride or drive horses at the facility. Any guest who handles horses from the ground must have current Horse Council BC membership and wear an approved helmet – no exceptions.

7. Accident Report: Accidents, or incidents of a safety nature, whether resulting in an injury or not, require that the Member immediately complete an Accident report for insurance purposes. Accident reports may be found in the Agriplex or online at

8. Waiver and Release of Liability: Members must have signed a copy of the Waiver and Release of Liability contract prior to using the facility.

9. Insurance: Members must provide proof of current Horse Council BC membership as proof of insurance. If the Member is a Coach or Trainer, they must provide proof of coaching insurance if requested. This includes guest coaches of NEA Member Clubs.

10. Clean Up: The User is responsible for ensuring that the facility is left clean and safe. This includes picking up all manure, bedding, and garbage, ensuring that lights and water are turned off, and doors and gates are closed and locked after use. The User must immediately report any damage they may do to the facility and may be held responsible for repairs.